Key Benefits of Women’s Health Insurance Policy

In today’s world women are equally contributing to the development of the nation and society – setting foot in every industry, reaping success across all fields and leaving behind a great legacy to follow. Women have emerged as the equal wage earners of the family. But, while examining the penetration of Health Insurance among men and women, the percentage of penetration among women is still low. 

Every woman needs a Health Insurance Policy to stay financially secured and protect their hard-earned savings from medical bills. When there are numerous Health Insurance policies across the industry, why choose a Women’s Health Insurance policy? 

Here are a few benefits of the Women’s Health Insurance Plans catered to the needs of women.

The common misconception that prevails with Women’s Health Insurance is that it is only for women. The answer is diplomatic because some Health Insurance policies make it an Individual policy while some are designed flexibly, entitling the insured to add their family members as well. In that case, at least one woman should represent the family. 

Gone are the days when you have to wait till renewal to add your family members. A comprehensive Health Insurance policy for women offers mid-term inclusion. This benefit entitles the insured to add the newly married spouse and newborn baby in the middle of the policy year. However, prior intimation about the new joiners within the required time is mandatory. 

Quite a few Health Insurance policies offer coverage for delivery expenses, while some others may neglect it or offer it as an optional cover. Most Women’s Health Insurance policies cover the delivery expenses, be it normal or C-Section, to the maximum of up to two deliveries in their lifetime. Usually, this benefit is subjected to a waiting period which ranges from 1-2 years.

Besides the delivery expenses, Health Insurance policy for women extends to cover Ante-Natal Care. This benefit will indemnify the incurred out-patient expenses after the confirmation of pregnancy. A comprehensive policy will cover in-Utero Fetal Surgery or repair. Under this benefit, the company will indemnify the expenses incurred for the in-Utero Fetal procedures or surgery. Both benefits are subjected to the terms and conditions of the policy. 

Make sure to glance through the policy document, because there might be hidden factors like the waiting period and the list of procedures or surgeries covered, the claim becomes admissible only for the same. 

Most Women’s Health Insurance policies cover Assisted Reproduction treatment for sub-fertility. This benefit is entitled to a waiting period and terms and conditions of the policy, which is policy specific. 

While there are numerous policies out there, pick the one that will offer wide coverage at an affordable premium. We always expect to look for the extra to fall on the safer side. In that regard, Star Women Care Insurance Policy is designed to provide wide coverage to fulfill the health care needs of women.

Inclusive of the aforementioned benefits, Star Women Care Insurance Policy also cover bariatric surgery, voluntary sterilization expenses, miscarriage due to accidents, non-medical items, etc. The Star Mother Care benefit of the policy indemnifies the expenses incurred for the stay of the insured mother in the hospital if the insured child, who is less than 12 years of age, is hospitalized in ICU. The claim of the benefit becomes admissible as per the terms and conditions of the policy document. 

The list is not over, the policy offers unlimited Gynecologist Consultation through the Star Tele health app. To follow the list, the hospitalisation expenses for the treatment of newborns are covered from day 1 along with the vaccination expenses. Furthermore, the policy provides a lump sum on the diagnosis of cancer as an optional cover. The insured can avail the benefit with an additional premium if intended. 

The policy offers a Wellness Program as well. The Wellness Program of Star Health aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for the insured through various wellness activities. By participating and completing the targeted health goals the insured can earn wellness points, which can be redeemed as a discount on premiums during renewals. 

Choosing the best and most well-suited Women’s Health Insurance policy is as significant as having one. The best policy that suits all your needs will make you financially prepared to tackle the medical bills. 

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