OTT Tag Does Not Bother Mithila Palkar- Here’s Why!

Popular actress, Mithila Palkar remains in priority of web content makers. She has gained a lot of appreciation on the OTT platform. In fact, many of us know her as kavya of  Little things only.

Recently Mithila talked about how the exposure of the digital medium brought the new category of OTT into the limelight. However, the actress doesn’t count OTT branding behind her name as a lack of projects or doesn’t see that coming in between opportunities that are thrown to her.

Palkar is known for her OTT projects such as Little Things, Chopsticks, and Tribhanga. In a conversation with a leading daily, Mithila said, “It is kind of a label but it isn’t a limited definition. Right now that is from where they map you and they map your journey from. It is like you are from the OTT but it does not stop you there. That is the beauty of the times that we are in right now. Despite being a film actor, theatres actor, TV actor, or OTT actor, you are still everywhere. It is a good peg for a reminder that you have seen this girl here but that does not limit opportunities.”

She further added, “We are playing the same ground now, all of us. So Saif Ali Khan did the first Indian original series… that says a lot,”

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Mithila has been working for OTT shows from a time when the platform was relatively new and people didn’t even give much attention to it. She never counted the platform as inferior and always focused on being a good actress.

She said, “For me, the priority was always to be a good actor. The opportunity was important, and the platform wasn’t. I just wanted to start and lap up and take up any opportunity that came to me.”

Sharing her feelings on the last season of Little Things, Mithila said, “This was one of the few things that happened and I was more than happy to be acting, and it is such a lovely journey. The love is always overwhelming but in a nice way. I am always grateful for all the love and support we have got over the years. It is also sad for us that we also will not be able to revisit the characters again because we have been doing this for the last four years. We have not only grown as people but also as artists. It is a mixed feeling, now it is time to look forward to the big things.”

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