Rashami Desai, Post Divorcing Nandish Sandhu, Finds Love In Badho Bahu’s Arhaan Khan

Love is not something you go out there in search of, it comes to you in the least expected ways. The Cupid will strike you with its arrow and love will come knocking on your door in the most bizarre ways.  And before you know it, you would be head over heels in love. But it’s not necessary that the first person you fall for turn out to be your love for life and your soulmate. Sometimes, you need to get your heart broken only to find your true love.

This happened with the famous TV actress Rashami Desai. She found love in her Uttaran co-star Nandish Sandhu and took her relationship to the next level by marrying him immediately. What seemed like a fairytale turned out to be a scary nightmare for the actress. She was heartbroken and divorced Nandish Sandhu after four years of disturbed marriage. She has never openly talked about the reason behind her divorce to keep the dignity of her relationship alive but always said that she was disrespected.

Now, Rashmi Desai seems to have found love in her life once again. As per a latest TOI report, Rashami is head over heels in love with diamond merchant-turned-actor, Arhaan Khan! A source close to the duo has informed, “They seem perfect for each other. They are two mature individuals, who are taking one day at a time. They are serious about each other and are talking about tying the knot in a year’s time.”

While Rashami said, “Arhaan is my best friend, and like family to me”, Arhaan too shared, “I admire Rashami for the fact that she is a self-made woman. She has reached where she has on her own. We are very good friends.” As per the report, Rashami and Arhaan had met each other in 2017 and had gotten along like wildfire. However, it was only during Arhaan’s co-star, Prince Narula and his now-wife, Yuvika Chaudhary’s wedding that Rashami and Arhaan had upgraded their ‘friendship’ to ‘dating’!

In an August recent interview with The Times of India, when Rashami Desai was asked about her love life, she had given a cryptic reply. She had shared, “It’s always been a mystery and I would like to keep it that way. To be honest, I have been working hard and I have close friends who I chill with, so my mind does not go in the direction of finding a man. I am also travelling these days and would love to do that more. Like what Kangana Ranaut’s character did in ‘Queen’, I would love to do that. I want to explore different sides of my personality.”