“Rishi Adjust Ni Krta” Said Gaurav Wadhwa After Splitting Of RiMoRav

Yes, its true, RiMoRav trio- Mohena Singh, Gaurav Wadhwa and Rishi Dev has split and are not together anymore. For those who don’t know, the three actors started a YouTube channel in collaboration for almost a year and a half back. The three met during their show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain and came together to start their own Youtube channel where they posted a number of hilarious videos. It got really famous in a short span of time. And now, Gaurav spoke about the same after her video with Mohena.

Gaurav started with, “There was a long conflict going on and we don’t want to open about it. There are a number of misunderstandings. For any venture to work agreement is very important between the 3 parites involved in it. Even if 1 doesn’t agree, it doesn’t make sense to take it ahead,”

When he was asked what disagreements was it, the actor replied, “Basic things par disagreement tha. Wahi hum bataana nahi chaah rahe hai. Rishi jis cheez ke liye agree nahi kar rahe the woh important tha.”

People really want RiMoRav back, On this, Gaurav, with a heavy voice, said, “I really wish we could have continued. Aap samjh sakte hai itna bada step koi choti baat par toh nahi lega. This channel was very important to all of us. We had several meetings, even with neutral mediators, but didn’t arrive on any solution. There is a procedure to follow when you are working together, Rishi woh follow nahi karna chaah rahe the. Everyone needs to make adjustments, kabhi woh karein kabhi hum, but woh karne ko ready nahi the, so aaisa nahi chal paata.”

When asked if there was something personal which led to the split, Gaurav denied but added, “When a product grows big, these issues take place. It’s then when you have to take care of things. Jab humne shuru kiya tha, aaisa koi problem nahi tha. We 3 bonded really well aur abhi bhi Rishi ne humein akele videos karne se mana nahi kiya hai although, yeh Rishi ka brainchild hai. Yes, Mohena has a big contribution towards the creative aspect of the videos but Rishi used to take care of the entire shoot and edits. He has worked hard a lot behind it.”

Talking about fans slamming Mohena and Gaurav for dissolving RiMoRav, he stated, “We feel extremely bad. They are bashing us because they don’t know the real story. But if we reveal the reason, it will get dirty, which is what we don’t want.”

Speaking of the future plans and his bond with Mohena, Gaurav concluded with, “Aaisa kuch exact plan nahi kar rahe hai. Mohena is busy with her wedding as of now. But itna hai ki gayab toh nahi honge. Mohena and I are, in fact, even more bonded now. I know if she needs me for anything, I will be there or if there is any collaboration I’ll ask for, she won’t refuse,”

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