Shehnaaz Gill and Vikas Gupta shared a cordial bond when they were together inside the house. Vikas was seen giving Shehnaaz the much-needed advice and it was Vikas only who brought Shehnaaz Gill closer to Sidharth Shukla. However, it seems that things have gone kaput between the two friends. As per sources, the reason Shehnaaz Gill walked out of the show Mujhse Shadi Karoge was because of Vikas Gupta and coming out, she even unfollowed Vikas Gupta on various social media handles.

A few days back, we gave you the news about Shehnaaz walks out of the show without choosing a partner for herself. When she was asked about her exit from the show, she said that her heart only beats for Sidharth Shukla and no one can take his place. But there’s something else also between Shehnaaz’s exit and Vikas Gupta’s entry in the show.

According to the sources, Shehnaaz and Vikas got into a heated argument on the sets of MSK. Revealing the reason behind the fight source said, the two friends got into a heated argument over Shehnaaz’s attitude towards the show. While Vikas was inside, he felt that she is not giving her 100 percent.

“Vikas asked Shehnaaz point blank, does she even have space in her heart? To which she didn’t have any reply and so Vikas told her that why is she even inside the house with the contestants, she should just leave right away,” a source told us.

After this conversation, Shehnaaz actually packed her bags, made the announcement and left the show. Now, we don’t know if she got offended with Vikas, or she was genuinely confused about being inside and somewhere wanted to leave, or she left thinking that the show is anyway about to end (March 18 due to the FWICE directives in the wake of Coronavirus scare), but that’s how Gill walked out of the show.

However, that’s not it. There was big shock waiting for Gupta outside. “When Vikas came out of the house, he found out that Shehnaaz has unfollowed him on all social media platforms,” the source added.