Manya Pathak:-

In the age of coronavirus we should learn about how to become socialized. There are ways you can stay in contact with your friends and family. It is crucial for our safety, well-being and stress levels not to equate the required physical distance with social isolation. We also need each other and to preserve our social ties as best as we can, in order to be able to work effectively during this crisis.

I spent my time on social media by talking with my friends or family members. During this lockdown I did lots of Live Chat sessions with different fields of expertise. I also feed the homeless people because we need the basic needs of housing, food, clothes, etc. Homeless people, too, are human beings. If you can’t live without food, what makes you think that homeless people can do it during this lockdown? 

I learned how to cook food by watching youtube videos. Physical fitness is crucial not only for a healthy body but also for a healthy mind and emotional well-being. During this lockdown self-love and stay positive is an important key of my life. Home workouts are a perfect replacement for your gym workouts. Using your bodyweight alone. Basic devices such as Dumbbells, Resistance Bands / Tubes.  

I am taking care of my dogs. It’s very difficult to handle our lovely dogs because you can’t take them out for a walk, so I look for creative ways to keep them physically and mentally engaged. One of those games that can keep a dog occupied is ‘hide and fetch.’ Set aside an hour to spend time with your pet. Also, if you’ve got a staircase in your house, make good use of it. Climbing the stairs can be a good workout for pets.


Simran Chug:-

We realize that going under complete lockdown at home isn’t exactly a simple job. If you’re a homemaker or working from home, there’s a risk that you’ll feel down and out for certain periods of the day. It is very important for me and my family to have an approach towards socialization. 

It’s necessary to arrange a time during the day to eat a meal together. We should try to make something special for family members. I follow the recipe tutorial and try to make a good meal. This makes a lot of sense when you think about it. In our increasingly hectic lives, we hardly get hold of family members living under the same roof. So, take this quarantine as an opportunity to reconnect with each other again.

I spend my time with my family by playing indoor games or watching Netflix. I do video calls, live chat with my parents, family, friends, and close ones. As it’s easy to keep in contact with someone who lives close to your house, I recommend making use of this time and reconnecting with people you used to be very closed to. 

I still remain connected with my family and friends by tagging them in some old memories pictures or tagging them in some kind of memes, and posting old pictures with them. 


Pragati Pankaj Nagpal:-

Everything was so good!
We all were leading a very normal happy life. And suddenly all this happened.
It still feels like a nightmare.
The whole situation is devastating.
But obviously we have to mould ourselves in this pandemic to stay happy.
So I’m mostly spending all my time with my family, playing games, cooking for them, baking. And specially spending time with my daughter who’s gonna get married pretty soon. I’m happy that i got quality time to spend with her before parting ways.
So we all do morning yoga together.
Me and my daughter cook for everyone, then we all play games.
Sometimes badminton, basketball or cricket.
We usually watch movies together at night.
So it’s a chill time with my family.  

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