Want to Settle In A Foreign Land? Read Here If You Have Any Chances According To Your Travel Lines

We all love to travel, don’t we? And deep inside almost every one of us has a desire to settle abroad. In a completely new country, with new culture and people but not every one of us gets a chance to settle abroad. Travel lines basically represent the opportunities for travelling or living abroad permanently because of studying, working abroad, or settling down and emigrating abroad because of marriage. If you look at the shape, number and length of travel lines, you can tell the luck of going off on a trip, the distance of destinations and the situation on a trip. Have a look at your travel lines and know if you will be the one:

  • The travel lines extending outside the palm and locating at the edge of Lunar Mount are named change lines, which suggest you often travel outside and are well-informed; the clearer the lines are, the better. If the lines are in disorder, then you will have worries. If the lines intersect, you may have a disaster and should pay particular attention to safety while going out.

  • If the travel lines are clear and uninterrupted, then you are keen to travel and often travel everywhere to enjoy it. Also, you usually have good luck on the way and enjoy the travel.
  • If the travel lines are clear at the same time the end of lifeline extends to the Luna Mount, then you will leave home to develop elsewhere and more likely to die in a strange land. If you are a woman, you will be more likely to marry far away, have a poor relationship with parents-in-law and live with your husband separately.
  • If the travel lines look like a hill, you will suffer from disputes and be enraged easily or fall into the other’s trap, leading to a disaster.

  • If the travel lines are deep and far from the lifeline, then you will go out to make a living and be likely to reside abroad.
  • If a travel line intersects with the lifeline, then you may have an accident in travel or die in a strange land. If the line intersects with the lifeline disorderly, you will be more likely to have an accident and should be especially careful.

  • If a travel line is thicker than the lifeline, you will be more likely to develop elsewhere and live to die in a foreign land.
  • The longer the travel line, the more chances to take foreign travel. If the travel line is short, you may travel to the places near home. If the travel line has a divergence at the tail end, you may have an accident while travelling and find the travel not smooth. If the travel line has many divergences, then you will travel everywhere without definite residence.
  • If the travel lines intersect in a cross, you will get help while travelling and can get fame and wealth when you develop elsewhere.