This Is How Mahesh Bhatt Reacts When Soni Razdan Informed Him On Phone Call That Alia Gave Birth To A Girl!

Oh, she is born.This is how Soni Razdan told director Mahesh Bhatt that his daughters Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have welcomed a baby girl. After that, Mahesh Bhatt was overwhelmed with emotion. He said that these feelings cannot be put into words, adding that the new baby will bring Alia and Ranbir closer together.

“It is amazing to feel the boundless flow of life. It seems like yesterday when The baby that Alia was holding in my arms and She is now the mother of a little girl. When my desperate wife Soni called me today at the hospital, she said, “Oh, she is born.” I can’t put into words how he said those few words. A sea of ​​emotion poured through her voice,” Bhatt added, “Choti ke aane ke se ghar bada ho gaya” in an emotional conversation.

And he experienced all these emotions during the call. The director continued. “This is an attempt to laugh, there is a sense of relief and there is surprise. These moments are called the turning points of human culture. A deeper taste, the mystery of life.”

On Sunday, Alia and Ranbir became the parents of a little girl. Alia was born at HN Reliance Hospital. The director said that he was not in the hospital and could not wait to meet his granddaughter. He said, “Shaheen and Soni went to the hospital and offered to wait until we let them know when we could see Alia and my granddaughter. Now I want to see her.”

Talking about Alia and Ranbir entering into a new phase of life, 74 year old Mahesh Bhatt had this to say ,”Their entertainment career alternates between real life and kids, and there will be no shortage of volcanic eruptions in their backyard.”“It changes everything around you. This will fundamentally change them. And they welcome change because they always embrace change and are not bound by lines of conformity,” the director said. He added that his role as grandparents will also be added.

He said, “I became a grandfather and Soni became a grandmother. We will have our own voices to emotionally evoke the roles. Life will take you by the hand and take us from there to this depth. We will be able to steer this child, the voice of the future.According to him, for him it’s like seeing life in outer space, where everything unfolds. “It’s different when you go into space and look around at the planets. Back on this planet, this person is no longer the same. That’s how I feel today.”







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